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BEM has been established in 2008., We call ourselves a boutique firm with unique hands on approach. Clients come to us because they realize that effective online marketing isn’t just about having a beautifully designed website. It's about having a deep understanding of the web and using that knowledge and experience to deliver measurable results.

What’s the size of the business?
We’re a team of planners, account handlers, Marketers, designers, information architects and developers, plus an extensive and painstakingly assembled network of partners and associates.

Is there a typical BEM Digital Marketing client?
Quite often people take one look at our client list and ask us if we only work with large corporations like Hyundai, BTech and YAT. The answer is emphatically NO. We work with a range of clients large and small.

Do we specialize in any sectors?
We’ve got particular expertise working with B2B sectors. That said, the team at BEM has worked across a huge range of clients so there isn’t an area we’d rule out (apart from selling guns and girls! ..etc.) We think that our expertise can apply to any sector.

Do the directors work with clients?
One of the frustrations of working with big agencies can be that the senior team does the selling, and once the client signs up, they never see these agency superstars again.

We don't work like that. We take an active and daily interest in all our accounts, we make an effort to keep open lines with our r clients as often as possible and we encourage our clients to give call us if they ever have any problems or concerns.

We love to add real, measurable differences to help build your business' online web presence and deliver clear bottom line oriented solutions.

On this website we’ve tried to answer all the questions you might like to ask about us. But if there’s anything we’ve left out, or is not clear, please feel free to give us a ring or whatsapp message and we’ll be more than happy to fill in the gaps. In these days of electronic communication, it’s actually quite nice to get an old-fashioned ‘phone call every now and then!

Our Professional Teamwork

Cook your Success

We are a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and passion; We turn great ideas into reality. Our team deliver design and digital outcomes while remaining focused on your objectives, brand and strategy.
Cook your Success


Egypt: El Mesaha square, Giza.

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